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Starwood Quarter 1 Promo Now Open For Registration

Although I don’t usually take advantage of these hotel promos unless I am actually traveling, I’m sure there are more than a few FFU reader’s that do mattress runs. Unfortunately for me, living in downtown Chicago limits the amount of cheap hotels to mattress run at : (

I received an email today indicating that Starwood’s Quarter 1 promotion was open for registration.

Even if you aren’t planning on mattress running, it is always better to sign up and not use the promotion than have some unexpected travel come up and then be ineligible for the promotion because you missed the sign up deadline!

Although this promo isn’t super lucrative, if you have a Starwood Preferred Guest credit card and are planning on staying more than 3 nights, it is better than nothing!

Link To Sign Up

Question of the day: Have you ever done a mattress run before?


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