W Hotel Bed – 35% Off

While this isn’t technically a post about frequent flying or earning miles, I suspect some people will still be interested.

For those of you that have ever stayed at a W Hotel or Westin Hotel, you are familiar with their amazing beds.

Not surprisingly Westin’s Beds are actually called Heavenly Beds, and there is a reason for that.

Anyways I always said if I ever needed to buy a Mattress, I’d would go with the Westin Heavenly Bed or W Bed which are both made by Simmons (so it isn’t like Starwood is manufacturing their own mattresses)

I have been lucky in that everywhere I have ever lived came furnished, so whenever I have to move, I literally only have to move my clothes, which is nice.

Well that streak of furnished apartments has finally come to an end, so I now have to go buy some furniture and a bed : (

Luckily for me, the W Hotel Store currently has a 35% off sale on everything, so if that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is.

The sale runs through October 15, so you only have a few more days.

The best coupon W Hotel Store has ever run is 40% off, so unless you like to gamble, you probably won’t get a better deal than 35% off.

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What To Buy, What To Buy

Since I have never purchased a mattress before, I had no idea how expensive they are!

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The W Mattress comes in 2 types; Plush Top and Pillow Top.

From what I have read, the Pillow Top is a memory foam top, hence why it is $600 more.

Gary from View From The Wing had said something about Plush Top being better anyways, so I will take his advice.

I figure for the $600 difference, I could probably just buy a Memory Foam topper if I wanted.

Lucky from One Mile At A Time also has this W bed and you can read his impressions here.

I never understood the purpose of Box Spring, so I am just going to opt for the Queen Plush Top Mattress Only.

After the 35% off, the price drops from $1,059 to $688.35, which is still a sizeable chunk of change, but it is better than paying full price.

As for the bed frame, although I love the W frames online, I can’t justify spending $500+ on a frame.

I absolutely love the IKEA bed frame I have in my room at my Parents house, so I am just planning on buying an identical one.

This way, I avoid having to buy a Box Spring!

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The Damage

So after the 35% off discount, the Mattress will be $688.35.

What is nice is that because I am buying it online, there is no Sales Tax or Shipping Charges.

Had I bought this Mattress in Chicago, with 10% Sales Tax, that would be an additional $68 plus delivery fee.

Adding in the Frame from IKEA will be another $150 and I will probably get a matching night stand etc.

So all in all, I suspect this will set me back a cool $1,000 when it is all said and done.

I am going to put it all on my Starwood AMEX to finish off meeting the Minimum Spend Requirement.

I am hoping that because the purchase is thru WHotelStore.com, that it will count as a “Starwood Purchase” and I get some bonus points but we will see.

Although this is a sizeable purchase and I know some of you reading this are thinking I am nuts for spending close to $700 on just a single Mattress, I have learned the hard way before from having a cheap mattress.

One thing I have never understood is why people don’t spend more money on a mattress.

If I was buying a TV that I might watch for an hour a day, I’d have no problem dropping $1,000.

But for a bed that you will use at a minimum 6-8 hours a day for the rest of your life, people try to go for the cheapest deal.

Ultimately I guess since mattresses aren’t very sexy, it isn’t something you can tell people to come check out without getting slapped.

Although to be fair, saying something like, “Hey, I just got a W Bed, want to come see it?” at the Chicago Seminars might actually be a pretty good pick up line…

Anyways, I am placing my order now, so I will do a review once it arrives and I have slept on it!

Fun Fact: While I was placing my order after I posted this, I found out that the W Hotel Store also sells a Cardboard Safari Moose, Beat By Dre Headphones, and Vibrators.

Of course all at 35% off ; )

Gotta love W Hotels!


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