W Mattress Review + 35% Off W Store

After spending 2 months occupying my Friend’s Living Room (#OccupyLivingRoom), I finally retrieved my W Bed and have set up all my IKEA Bedroom Furniture.

If you ever feel the need to gain a more objective understanding of society through personal introspection, try putting together an entire IKEA Bedroom Set in the span of 1 day.

Short of yelling “Move That Bus”, it was basically “Extreme Makeover: IKEA Edition” and I will tell you I have not felt that kind of sense of self-accomplishment in a long time.

Now that I have slept on my new W Mattress for about 2 weeks, I thought I would review it for anyone who is thinking about getting one.

I purchased my W Mattress way back in October when W Hotel Store was having a 35% off sale for Columbus Day. I chronicled the purchase here.

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After the 35% off coupon, I paid $688.35 for a Queen Plush Top Mattress Only. This price included Free Delivery, a 10 Year Warranty, and NO SALES TAX!

Here is the description of the Mattress from the W Store:

“Made exclusively for W Hotels by Simmons. This hotel quality mattress features Visco Memory Foam and Pocketed Coil® springs to give you a wonderful night’s sleep. Designed with excellent firm support to cushion your pressure points in just the right way. Add a featherbed to get that complete W Hotels cloud-like experience. 12 inches thick. 10 year warranty.”

Yes you read that correctly, the Mattress is 12 inches thick, and a good 3 inches are just pure Visco Memory Foam.

Here is my description of the Mattress:

“You are sleeping on a cloud.”

I can sleep almost anywhere, in India I even slept on the floor, but this Mattress is amazing.

Every time I have ever stayed at a W Hotel or Westin Hotel, I have always had an amazing sleep and have always woken up feeling refreshed.

Now basically, I have that experience every day which is pretty awesome.

Although $688.35 might sound like a lot for a Mattress, it is something I will use for at least 6 hours everyday for the next 10 years, so in my opinion that is money well spent.

If you are thinking about getting a new Mattress, I highly suggest considering getting this Mattress.

I was just looking at the W Store, and coincidently there is a 35% sale going on right now!

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Best part is if you put the Mattress on your SPG AMEX, like I did, then you get 2x Starpoints!

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If you are unsure about committing to purchasing a Bed without trying it, then I suggest burning some Starpoints and going to a W Hotel for the night and trying out the Bed. You will not be disappointed!

Or you can also just read all the positive reviews on FlyerTalk.

If you are reading this at work and are bored, since everything at the W Store is currently 35% off, I suggest taking a look around as there are some really random items available for purchase.

I found this really awesome Cardboard Moose which I want to hang above my Bed or over the Fireplace but it seems to be sold out : (

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Happy sleeping and happy shopping!


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