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10% Off British Airways Flights With British Airways Visa Card

British Airways 10% Off With Visa Card

Sam from Phoenix sent me an email today saying he signed up for the 100,000 Avois Points offer from British Airways and his Card just arrived in his mailbox today.

He was looking over the marketing material that came with his new British Airways Visa and to his surprise, it looks like when you use your British Airways Visa to book your flights on BA.com, using code CARDOFFERU, you get 10% off BA flights!

Full details can be found here.

From the BA website:

10% off when you book through BA.com/Chase10:

  • Discount is off the total cost of the fare (including taxes, fuel and surcharges).
  • Choose from any of British Airways 300+ destinations.
  • Travel in any cabin—World Traveler, World Traveler Plus, Club World or First.
  • Book up to eight friends and family members traveling on the same flight.

If the 100,000 mile sign up bonus wasn’t already enough of an incentive to sign up for the British Airways Visa, than this 10% discount certainly is icing on the cake.

For anyone who has looked up tickets to Europe this summer, you are aware how high it is. I ran a Kayak.com search and it was over $1,000 a ticket in Economy.

Basically if you took 1 paid trip on British Airways a year, the 10% off discount would easily cover the cost of the annual fee for this Card.

Also since 1 Card can be used to book up to 8 tickets, if you are a Family of 4 visiting Europe, on the example above, you would save almost $400 on your tickets.

Additionally, with the British Airways Visa, you earn 2.5 Avios Points per $1 spent on BA.com.

Chase is really stepping their game up with the benefits on this Card and if you haven’t already signed up to take advantage of the 100,000 Avois Points sign up offer, I would strongly suggest doing so!

If anyone from Chase is reading this, I think it is safe to say that everyone would also love the United MileagePlus Explorer to have a similar discount on United flights!


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  1. To do the points.com transfer you have to have a minimum of 2000 points to go to AA. Guess I’ll sit on them and hope I can score another 1k somehow.

  2. i dont know why you are posting nonsense non existent deal?

    i have said long time ago that there is no such 1000 virgin america free miles offer on their facebook.

    i checked for it over a week ago and also sid i don’t see the promo there. if you still know it is working, tell us where you se it?

  3. The post is saying that the points posted, not that it is still available. I am sorry that you could not access the old 1,000 point offer but I do not have time to go back and check when offers on old posts expire. I will try to include expiration dates in the new posts, so if people are going back, that they can see when it expires.

  4. That is correct, except that you will have to wait until your 1st statement for the points to officially post. You can set the date of your Statement once you receive the Card. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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