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500 Free Hilton HHonors Points (1,500 For New Members)

I am not sure which other Travel Blog first picked this up, so I’ll just give a Hat Tip to all of them : )

Basically, for linking your Facebook account with your Hilton Account, you can get 500 Hilton Points.

It literally takes 2 seconds to do this.

Link To 500 Free Hilton Points

If you don’t have a Facebook account, my suggestion is to make a fake one. That is what I do.

a close-up of a card

1,000 Hilton Points For New Members

If you don’t currently have a Hilton Honors Account, you can sign up for one and get 1,000 Free Hilton Points! 

This combined with the above promo and below promo, can get you 2,000 Free Hilton Points!

Link To Open New Account

500 Hilton Points For Watching A Video

This is a old promotion but it is still alive.

You can earn another 500 Hilton Points for watching a video.

Link To 500 Hilton Points For Watching A Video


These types of Social Media promotions are flat out awesome.

Basically for doing nothing you can earn 1,000 Hilton Points or 2,000 Hilton Points if you are a New Member!

Although it isn’t enough to get a free room, free points are still free points!

Remember that every point counts!


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