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REMINDER: The British Airways 100,000 Avios Points Credit Card offer has apparently been extended. I am not sure when this offer will run until but if you are thinking about getting the Card, I’d do it sooner than later because Chase could pull the offer at anytime.

Although I have talked extensively about British Airway’s once a year 100,000 Avios Points offer, specifically on how to maximize it by using the Avios Points for Award Flights on American Airlines, creating a British Airway Household Accounts to pool all your Avios Points together, etc, there are a lot of other excellent travel bloggers out there that have dove much deeper into British Airways and have written some extensive pieces on their findings.

Following in the footsteps of Arianna Huffington, I present The FFU Post with links to all the important information about British Airways and the best ways to redeem all your newly acquired Avios Points!

If there are any other sites which you have found to be particularly useful in your quest to learn about British Airways and ways to use your Avios Points, feel free to comment below and I will add it!

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  1. Parag,
    I was thinking you'd have seen the other BA Visa Credit Card going on BA web site. But didn't see it mentioned, so thought I'll mention.

    If you go thru the process of booking a flight on BA site, you'll get an offer to apply for this credit card. The offer is 50,000 Avios after first purchase, and another 50,000 Avios after first anniversary. No need for spending money. But, you do pay Annual fee twice, which would be the cost – $75 x 2 = $150.

    This would be a better offer for those who can't meet the $20k spending requirements.

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