Up To 2,000 Free Priority Club Points For Taking A Few Easy Surveys

If there is one thing I love about collecting miles and points, it is when companies literally give away thousands of points for free!

Priority Club is one of the worst offenders, which is this case is actually a good thing!

Priority Club is notorious for giving away thousands of free points for taking short surveys and watching short videos.

What is awesome about Priority Club is that they have a quarterly list of certain properties that they offer for only 5,000 points a night!

Link To Priority Club Point Breaks List

By taking these surveys you can get almost 40% of the way to 5,000 points!

I just took all the surveys and it literally takes only 5 seconds for each one.

The Points Guy has all the links to the surveys and all the answers, so I’ll send you over there.

Link To The Points Guy & 2,000 Free Priority Club Points


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