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  1. That's actually a bummer that you can't book for others not in the household account. I didn't know that. Is it easy to add or delete "household members" in case you wanted to add a friend to the household account to book their ticket and then later delete them from the account?

    If your reader is looking for the 100K Avios, one way to get that is to apply for the 75K bonus Membership Rewards points with the Amex Gold Business Card for which today is the last day to apply actually. With the 35% British Airways transfer bonus till June 7th, you would get 101,250 Avios. That's with first year fee free. Clearly beats the Chase British Airways card.

  2. Great post! I never knew this about BA. I always thought all airlines had to pay to transfer points, which is ridiculous to me. I think the airlines should make you pay to transfer points, but at a cheap set rate to just cover their cost. Maybe something like .001 per mile.

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