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Hyatt Card Offering $50 Statement Credit

Hyatt Card $50 Statement Credit

Last night I was making a booking on Hyatt.com and noticed the following ad on the final page before I submitted my reservation.

"2 Free Nights & $50 Statement Credit"
“2 Free Nights & $50 Statement Credit”

Seems that if you make a booking (or dummy booking) on Hyatt.com, right before submitting your reservation on the final page, Hyatt will show you a special offer for their Hyatt Credit Card that includes an additional $50 statement credit on top of the 2 free nights that normally come with the card!

"2 Free Nights, $50 Statement Credit, Annual Fee Waived"
“2 Free Nights, $50 Statement Credit, Annual Fee Waived”

As you can see from above, the Hyatt Card comes with a ton of perks:

  • 2 Free Night Certificates
  • Annual Fee Waived For The First Year
  • Hyatt Platinum Status (aka free internet & 20% rate discount)
  • No Foreign Exchange Fees (saves you 3% while traveling internationally)
  • $50 Statement Credit
  • 1 Free Night (Cat. 1-4) Every Year On Cardmember Anniversary

I actually currently have the Hyatt Card and I am extremely satisfied.

In January, I redeemed my 2 free night certificates at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek, where rooms were going for $1,000+ a night! So our 3 night stay (2 free nights and 22,000 Ultimate Rewards), saved us easily over $2,000-$3,000+!

If you recently got the Hyatt Card and didn’t get this offer, try messaging Chase and see if they will match you to the current offer.


While getting 2 free nights at any Hyatt worldwide and having the annual fee waived for the first year is great, an additional $50 statement credit certainly doesn’t hurt.

Depending on where you redeem your free nights (Paris, Tokyo, Beaver Creek, etc), you can easily get a $2,000+ return on this card.

If you and your travel partner / significant other etc., were to both get the Hyatt Card, then that is $100 in statement credits AND 4 FREE NIGHTS!

That is really a hard deal to beat!


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  1. i’m surprised you didn’t tout the benefit of receiving 1 free night each cardmember anniversary!

    i think that feature makes it worthwhile to keep this card open in perpetuity.

  2. Hi
    Thank you so much for your great posts
    unfortunately the link to Frequent Flyer University found an improved offer with a $50 statement credit after you make your 1st purchase for the Chase Hyatt card.
    does not click/work
    could u pls email me a working link of the offer to the above email asap as i would like to do apply immediately

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