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Hyatt Card Offering $50 Statement Credit

Hyatt Card $50 Statement Credit

Last night I was making a booking on and noticed the following ad on the final page before I submitted my reservation.

"2 Free Nights & $50 Statement Credit"

“2 Free Nights & $50 Statement Credit”

Seems that if you make a booking (or dummy booking) on, right before submitting your reservation on the final page, Hyatt will show you a special offer for their Hyatt Credit Card that includes an additional $50 statement credit on top of the 2 free nights that normally come with the card!

"2 Free Nights, $50 Statement Credit, Annual Fee Waived"

“2 Free Nights, $50 Statement Credit, Annual Fee Waived”

As you can see from above, the Hyatt Card comes with a ton of perks:

  • 2 Free Night Certificates
  • Annual Fee Waived For The First Year
  • Hyatt Platinum Status (aka free internet & 20% rate discount)
  • No Foreign Exchange Fees (saves you 3% while traveling internationally)
  • $50 Statement Credit
  • 1 Free Night (Cat. 1-4) Every Year On Cardmember Anniversary

I actually currently have the Hyatt Card and I am extremely satisfied.

In January, I redeemed my 2 free night certificates at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek, where rooms were going for $1,000+ a night! So our 3 night stay (2 free nights and 22,000 Ultimate Rewards), saved us easily over $2,000-$3,000+!

If you recently got the Hyatt Card and didn’t get this offer, try messaging Chase and see if they will match you to the current offer.


While getting 2 free nights at any Hyatt worldwide and having the annual fee waived for the first year is great, an additional $50 statement credit certainly doesn’t hurt.

Depending on where you redeem your free nights (Paris, Tokyo, Beaver Creek, etc), you can easily get a $2,000+ return on this card.

If you and your travel partner / significant other etc., were to both get the Hyatt Card, then that is $100 in statement credits AND 4 FREE NIGHTS!

That is really a hard deal to beat!


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